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Web sites become stale if their content is not fresh and interesting. If you want to keep people at your site, then it is crucial that your web site provide pertinent and interesting information.

This causes a major dilemma for many small businesses. Most small businesses lack people with the technical savvy to update the web site on their own, and it becomes too costly to have consultants or web designers update for them. A growing trend called Blogging may be the answer.

Blogs, also referred to as web logs, have been around for several years now; recently they have begun to be used as a marketing tool for business web sites. A Blog is simply a web-based journal powered by a self-publishing tool that enables the author(s) to regularly and easily update the content. Businesses have begun to use Blogs in a similar fashion as eMail Newsletters. You can use a Blog on your web site for almost anything. Perhaps it can be used as a "What's New" page. Maybe you could use it as a page that provides daily or weekly tips to your customers.

No matter how it is used, it will add value to a web site if it provides fresh content. If you like to write and wish to use your web site as a forum to speak with your customers, then a Blog could be for you.

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