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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Managing Your Online Reputation 

A Business's online reputation is vital to doing business on the web. It is much easier in the online world for a dissatisfied customer or a disgruntled former employee to spread negative information about a company than it is in the traditional brick and mortal business setting. Once a negative review or blog entry about a company is posted on the web it can spread like wildfire. It becomes even more problematic if these negative postings start appearing on the first page of the Google Search results for your company's name. It is almost impossible to get these negative search results removed. But negative reviews of a company that appear in search results can be dealt with and your online reputation can be managed and even cultivated. The key is to create your own positive content (or find existing positive content already available on the web) and boost the rankings for that content. The idea is to leapfrog the negative search results with positive search results.

One of the most helpful tools for doing this is to maintain a blog for your company separate of your corporate web site. Here is an example: http://acremortgageblog.com. The great think about blogs is search engine love them. Just google the name of your favorite television show and see how many of the search results are for blog postings. And they tend to rank well even if you don't update them frequently. Just a make an occasion post about your business or the industry you are in, create links to other positive content about your company that you wish to boost the search rankings for, and before you know it you should start to see the sites you linked to climb in the search results for your company's name. Another great idea is to create a site or blog specifically for the charitable endeavors your business participates in. Post a blurb or photo about these charity events and you have some powerful positive content that can be used to squeeze out the negative from the search listings.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Website Downtime Affects Google Quality Scores 

Here is an important thing to keep in mind for your Google Adwords campaign, the landing pages for Ads can greatly affect the keywords' quality scores for your campaign. The quality of the landing page is one of several factors that determine a keyword's Quality Score. It's influenced by the usefulness and relevance of information provided on the page, ease of navigation, load time, how many links are on the page, and more. I found this out after a client's website experienced some downtime. The website issues were resolved but the Quality Scores for the keywords in their Google Adwords campaign had plummeted. Google would no longer display the Ads due to the poor quality score. I wrote Google for an explanation. I found it interesting that even page load time could affect the keyword quality score. When you audit your landing pages keep in mind the effect these pages have on your Google Adwords keywords' Quality Scores.


Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here is an update on a few projects we have recently launched. http://snarkthis.com/ is a celebrity and entertainment gossip blog that my wife has been working as a contributing author and co designer.

In November we rolled out http://acremortgageforseniors.com/ for our long time client ChoiceOne Mortgage. Acremortgageforseniors.com is focused on the Reverse Mortgage niche market.


Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yahoo Marketing is undergoing an upgrade. They have been doing a rolling upgrade of accounts for several months now. The upgrade to the account of one of the clients I manage was completed a few weeks ago. The changes were much needed. Yahoo Marketing is now on par with the service offered by Google Adwords. Page rankings are now determined by both the bid price and ad performance. Geo-targeting of ads is now available. The reports have undergone significant improvements. These changes were long overdue, but they will make a world of difference. I have generally gotten better conversion numbers with Yahoo Marketing than I have with Google Adwords for quite some time, but the lack of controls and inferior service deterred me from concentrating much money and effort to maximizing the Yahoo Marketing ad campaigns I manage. Now that YM has upgraded it is time to focus on getting the most of my Yahoo Marketing campaigns.


Monday, October 10, 2005

Our newest venture, Stellar Sellers, has been launched. Stellar Sellers offers consignment selling services on EBay. We have been accepted into the Ebay Trading Assistant Program.


Friday, April 01, 2005

An amusing story came across the wire today. It took the government seven years to complete a study on Internet traffic. Here is the link. The study was commissioned by Congress in 1998. The report was finally released today. This is not part of an April Fool's joke.


Wednesday, March 16, 2005

According to WebProNews, Microsoft is gearing up to launch a paid search service on MSN Search to compete with Google Adwords and Overture.